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Victorian Rail Trail 2014

Trip Reports and Photos by Margaret Rae


Sep 20-24 Yea

Stay at Yea Family Caravan Park - 5 nights - day rides in Yea area.

Sep 25-29 Wangaratta

Stay at Painters Island Caravan Park - 5 nights - day rides in Wangaratta area. Travel home Sept 30.


Camping at Yea Caravan Park

[Day 1] Today Tony, Dennis, Stephen and I rode 80k on the Great Victorian rail trail. Started at Yea departing 8.40 am. Stopped for a cuppa on the trail at a nice scenic spot followed by a pub lunch (incl golden syrup dumpling for dessert) at Tallarook. Photos of our our ride and our cold drink (read beer/wine with cheese) after our return. We got home at 4. Not bad for 80k averaging 17!! All (except Tony) moaning and groaning lol.


[Day 2] Today we travelled 74km round trip Yea to Alexander Highlights including the Cheviot tunnel (despite the 756 magpie swoops .... OK perhaps a slight exaggeration ); also the snake, the view (spectacular) and of course the Alexander bakery and patisserie (one for lunch and one for dessert). I think the 20km of climbing will help us sleep well tonight. PS Tony's computer karked it and now he's guesstimating. (Please feel very sorry for us; Tony is planning the rides.)


[Day 3] The boys are riding Cathkin to Merton (50 odd km). I had a day of R&R.

I meandered through town, chatted to visiting Ulysses, HOGs and club 59 rockers motorcycling through this lovely area. I also walked the Wetlands trail and had a yummy smoked salmon & capers bruschetta accompanied by a local Sav Blanc for lunch.


[Day 4] 80km round trip between Yea and Mansfield. Another hard day for me. Stephen, Dennis and Tony faired much better. Highlights included crossing Lake Eildon, the old Mansfield railway and the lovely rest stop some locals setup in their backyard for rail trail riders. We got "back" after 5 and it is now pouring rain. We've been extremely lucky with the weather.

Stephen, Dennis and Tony completed every km of the Great Vic Rail Trail including the Alexander spur in both directions approx 300km. Margaret missed a day and completed 230km. Not bad for a rookie she thinks. We are off to Wangaratta today and will meet up with more Windsor cyclists.





[Day 6] At Wangaratta. Denise and Peter, Deirdre, Rae and Sandra have joined us at Wangaratta. Today we rode with the Wangaratta BUG travelling some local trails for 24km finishing with a coffee at a great local cafe. This afternoon Peter, Tony, Dennis, Stephen and I went to El Dorado to visit the gold dredge while Rae, Denise and Deirdre visited the local Woollen Mill and Sandra visited family at Yea. Dennis and Marg completed 40 odd km and Peter, Tony and Stephen took a long cut and completed 52km.





[Day 7] Saturday we all went to Beechworth. Some rode from Wangaratta and return. Some from Everton and return; others rode back from Beechworth. The ride to Beechworth was spectacular. A 500m climb over 15km so a constant climb. Steve made it under an hour, and I took 1 hour 27 mins..... Yahoo I did it , no stops just kept turning those legs!


[Day 8] Sunday a day of rest for some. Tony rode with the local groups' fast riders in the morning. Dennis, Deirdre, Sandra rode to Milawa. Some drove out to meet up for a visit to the cheese factory, pub lunch and Brown Brothers. Dennis, Peter and Sandra rode back.

[Day 9] Rode from Mytleford to Bright. Ride was excellent. Great weather. Saw trout being released, hops being harvested and enjoyed death by berries for dessert.




[Day 10] All head home today.