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Hawkesbury 100 Classic 2014

[Thanks Irene from Toukley Cycle Club for a great report]

Toukley cycle club was well represented at the Hawksbury 100. There were a total of thirteen riders all up, with a large percentage from our club. Thought everyone did really well considering our terrain around Toukley is not quite so hilly as yours!  Loved the hospitality at the end and appreciate the work you put into planning and leading this ride.


Group assemble at start of ride.


Had a few minor hiccups before the start. The usual start place was being used for a boat race, so the start venue got moved to Macquarie park. Then it was discovered the boat race also meant the Sackville ferry was out of operation between 9 and 12. The whole route was rejigged to allow for this. Tony from Windsor cycle club briefed us on the new route and we were off just after 8.

Lots of traffic on the way up to the Stone Cafe at Maroota. Cafe under new management, so no pink gallahs to feed this year. It felt we were a bit faster than last year and it was a bit easier too, at least up to this point.



After coffee, we turned around and went a different way down Cliftonville Road. This had one of those nasty steep sections of downhill towards the end and meant the brakes had to be on for long periods. At the bottom we regrouped and the rims on the tandem were too hot to touch. Within a few minutes of setting off John D had a puncture. Just to make sure, he had another two, straight after all in different places on the front tyre. 

Lunch was at the kiosk at Wisemans Ferry. We tried to relegate Mike and his smelly shoe to a different table, but he wouldn't have any of it. 


After lunch (glad they keep the Coasters tradition of an hour!) continued on a few kms by the river before turning right up Laughtondale Gully road. It was all unsealed. The tandem was first away but last to the top. I wish Chris wouldn't speed up when I pedal harder to overtake him. He's so slow on the uphills! We were last to reach Old Northern road, but we were all needing a short rest from the long four and half kms of climbing. Told Jen it was easy from now on but she didn't believe us.



Across to the Sackville ferry which was operating by now. Missed it by a few seconds. A loo stop on the other side and then around Tizzanna Road via the oldest church in Australia. A few of us, including me, were starting to flag by now. A quick sugar fix helped. Then back to the start. Here the Windsor club had laid on chairs, coffee, tea, bickies and lovely mud cake. Big thanks goes to them, to Tony for organising and leading the ride and also to Sandra for sorting out the refreshments at the end. We all had a great time, made better by the lovely weather.

Hopefully we will be back next year.