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You are invited to add your own message of condolence on the passing of our dear friend and long-time member of Windsor Cyclists.


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Karen Tyler

Very sad and unexpected news.

Sunday, 05 June 2016
Amanda Lansbury

Dennis was a lovely gentleman.

Sunday, 05 June 2016
Kathy Shelley

That is a great shock. Graeme and I cant believe it. He certainly will be missed by all of us.

Sunday, 05 June 2016
Jeanette Starr

I can't believe it. He nearly rode with us on Tuesday but then text me to say he was going to see Anne my friend & chiropractor instead.

I too am in shock. The loveliest of guys. I will so miss him.

Sunday, 05 June 2016
Jim Englert

I am very sorry to hear about Dennis. I will be thinking of you all in my prayers. He will be greatly missed.

Sunday, 05 June 2016
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